SO NAKAMEGURO SHOP & HOSTEL is a new style complex of shop and hostel in Nakameguro.
You can enjoy shop in 1F and use 1.5F-2.5F as a hostel. It can also be used as a multipurpose space.

Entire house for 1groupAvailable.
Maximum 8 people. Appropriate for 4-6 people.

Price ¥50,000- + TAX / 1day(Long-term use welcome)
1-2 people ¥ 30,000-(Service Pack)
3 or more people ¥ 50,000-

Ask us if you would like to use as a multipurpose space.

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    Please fill in the required items such as name, date.
    If you press the send button, your reservation will be completed.

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    We will reply to your e-mail address from our shop within 3 business days
    after checking the usage status etc.

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    You will receive a reservation confirmation email from our shop. Depends on the situation,
    you may not be able to make a reservation. In that case, please inform us of your desired date by e-mail reply.

If canceled after booking, a cancellation fee will apply from the day before the use date.
Please read the cancellation policy in advance for other usage precautions.



Please contact us in advance if you want to be canceled your order for any
unavoidable reason after your application.

TEL 03-6416-5549


With regard to cancellation of a reservation, we will be charged at the following rates.
20 days ago: 50%
From 7 days ago: 100%
On the day: 100% of the room rate
No stay: 100% of the room rate (if not informed)